Welcome to the Golden Butler Circle

It is our pleasure to welcome you as a member of the Golden Butler Circle.

The objective of this Membership Organisation is to unite, and provide a network among, our members in order to further enhance the personalised service we, you, as a genuine passion, provide to your guest, clients and owners. We provide a platform for you to share information, to discuss challenges and find solutions through your network. Prime focus will always be the comfortable environment for our guests, owners or clients..

Your membership benefits

The Golden Butler Circle membership not only provides you a vehicle to communicate with your  pears, but also offers the following additional benefits:


dedicated quarterly newsletter providing valuable industry updates and trends


on-line support that address your pressing challenges and questions related to hotel and butler services

 - 70% discount on Golden Butler Circle events

a membership certificate and membership trophy that confirm quality of your services


a license to use the Golden Butler Circle Member logo and name in your publications


include members in your service offerings that allow you to manage and capture larger business opportunities


place one FREE advertising banner on the Golden Butler Circle website (contact us for terms and conditions)


become a Diamond Member certifying your outstanding level of commitment and services (this requires an on-site visit / certification process)

Golden Butler Circle is committed to facilitate and mentor its members for the best personal services globally.

Your membership fees

Membership is open to companies as well as to individuals.
 - Business membership: Euro 499,- per year
 - Individual membership Euro 199,- per year.