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³ Developments in the hospitality and real estate

We are happy to learn that the development of Butler Service in the hospitality industry as well as the real estate is going fast. It is a pleasure to know that management acknowledges and appreciates the need of this service more, as a necessity to pamper their guests and owners.

One should not think too lightly about this service as it is not something that ‘stands’ overnight. It takes total commitment of the organisation as a whole: management, all departments and all staff. Butler service can not be executed by ‘an island’ on its own. Not many managers realize this as from experience I have noticed that it is very hard to convince them that a stand alone training is not the final step. It is only the beginning to make it happen for the guest and owners.

International Butlers is one of some of those companies totally dedicated and focused on the wellbeing of the guests and employers. It is not only involved in hospitality but in private environments as well. Through this focus International Butlers is able to combine traits, visions and to create that unique match that supports the organization to be ready to provide the best.


³ Hidden treasures

As our passion is to give personal service with a heart, we have an eye for this. Not necessarily we have to look for it in 5-star hotels. Some even call themselves 7-star hotels. I’m always wondering what this is. Those I have been made myself familiar with out of curiosity do not display anything special to me. Obviously I misread the ‘stars’. And that is a pity as from our perspective, butlers are always looking for the next step, exceeding expectation, pampering the guest. Only from experience and from word-of-mouse, we can learn about those hidden treasures  where service exceeds expectations. The most recent experience I had was with Futian Shangri-La in Shenzhen, China. Indeed, a 5-star hotel, but there I had the good feeling of staff looking for an opportunity to really make a difference. It is a place where butlers would be a fabulous extension of the service.

Another place which is in the top of most appreciated hotels is 41 in London. An absolute must for those appreciating an environment where as a guest you feel appreciated and well taken care off. It shows that also without butlers, service can be made iconic. Please allow me to share the following link with you for this hotel, as I fully support the content and as I believe it is a learning point for many of us:

But please also read the report and interview on The Milestone, its sister hotel in London:

Luckily out there are these special places and I keep looking and experiencing them. It is my passion and  I feel it my obligation to share my expertise with their management in order for them to make them even a better place for guests to appreciate their stay and to experience the true WOW from the heart. Please share your hidden treasure with us, so we all can learn from it and our guests can enjoy it.


³ Suggestions for a ‘welcome’ procedure

Is your welcome procedure becoming predictable? Be open for a change to keep the attention of the guest. Butlers are always looking for new ways, surprising ways to WOW the guest or the owner for that matter,  upon his or her arrival. As you know butlers never have ‘standards’. So, there is not one way to do this. You need to be flexible, anticipate the situation, but have your minimum standard to go for. You can never give in on your quality and high level of personal attention.

The first thing you have to do is to establish the welcome steps that best fit your hotel, your estate. But at all cost, avoid ‘buying’ yourself into the guest loyalty. Next time guest might expect something even more outrageous. It’s really like kids parties. In the past we could do with some games and cake. Nowadays we have to book kids pop-stars to perform, go to our estate abroad where we entertain our kids friends for the whole weekend. There is nothing wrong with this as it is something special, but butlers can do with ‘the small’ gesture.

For sure it has to do with luxury, but from a butler’s perspective we are looking for something which is personal and a light surprise in the routine of guests arrival. Please note that there is a difference in the setting and environment, like a small boutique hotel, a large 5-star hotel chain, an estate an individual private household or a private yacht. But in each of these settings, at least we have to touch the basic human needs, whatever the cost. This involves elements like; refreshments and relaxation. A welcome drink, a wet towel, a massage. Just small gesture to show and appreciate the physical and mental condition a guest might be in after travelling for a shorter or longer time.

In a private environment, people tend to appreciate more the routines, but even here the butler has the freedom and I would suggest even the professional obligation, to stay sharp and creative at all time.



The Netherlands: In Het Mauritshuis in The Hague, a unique private collection is on display. You can enjoy a selection of the top Masterpieces out of the romantic private collection of the Dutch-Flemish collector’s family Eijk and Rose-Marie de Mol van Otterloo.

UK: Don’t miss two currently running exhibitions in London. The Royal Academy, shows ‘Treasures from Budapest, European Masterpieces from Leonardo to Schiele’. At Tate Modern you must enjoy ‘Gauguin, Maker of Myth’